The Goal of a Fairway Wood

The Goal of a Fairway Wood

By Scott Munroe

The goal of a fairway wood is to advance the ball as far as possible down the fairway or on the green. A fairway wood will always go farther than a hybrid, even though they have the same amount of loft. The reason is because the fairway metal is a longer club. The secret of fairway metals is to SWEEP THE BALL OFF THE TURF.

The set-up is as follows:
1. Have a normal shoulder width stance.
2. The ball position will be played just ahead of center for a good lie, middle of stance for a bad lie.
3. Weight will be 50/50 on both feet.

And the big tip is, never swing fairway metals at 100%, go about 80%. This will help you hit the ball solid and long. The best way to practice this shot is to hit drivers off the ground without a tee. Do this for a while, and then go back to the fairway metal. These drills will help your entire golf swing.

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