Programs and Services offered by Top 100 Instructor Scott Munroe

  • Golf Program Goals

    Scott Munroe has performed thousands of golf schools all over the world, and this superior golf school utilizes the best minds in golf. All the schools use the best instructors in the world and will custom body fit each student.

  • Mouthguard Fitting

    Each school starts with every student receiving a unique custom fitted PX3 Custom Mouthguard created by a PX3 trained dentist. What does the mouthguard accomplish?

  • Fitness Evaluation

    The next step after receiving a PX3 mouthguard is having a PX3 Custom Body Evaluation for each person’s individual body type by Mike Adams, a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher.

  • On Course Training

    Now it’s on to the putting green to learn how to read putters the Aimpoint way, which is the best method there is. Most golfers, including professionals, can’t read greens. After practice and instruction on using the Aimpoint Technologies chart.

Learn From the Best and Play Your best!