Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Just starting out in the wonderful game of golf? Already a fervent golfer? Scott Munroe teaches golf in Palm Beach, Florida from September through May, and in Nantucket, Massachusetts during June, July and August . He offers private, group and corporate lessons, as well as PX3 Performance Golf Schools and Aimpoint Putting Clinics nationwide.

Scott will design a specific plan customized to your level and enhance your golf understanding and enjoyment for the game. Your lessons will include all aspects of the game of golf – putting, full swing, pitching, chipping and club fitting. A Full Swing Video Analysis in high resolution will allow you to view your swing and have Scott customize the direction needed to improve.

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Online Golf Lessons

Using sophisticated equipment like the V1 Video Analysis Program, Scott will analyze your swing using slow motion and stop action video to provide the course needed to repair and improve your swing. It is extremely important to view your movements and utilizing the video analysis is an exciting and innovative method to see lesson by lesson how you are improving!

Skype video consultations are also available for a more one on one experience with Scott. A comprehensive and enjoyable golf experience either way!

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Skype Video Golf Consultation

Skype video consultations are perfect for times when you need one on one golf advice and can’t personally see Scott at the golf course. He will listen to all your concerns and questions, then offer professional and informative advice and answers in an easy to understand way. Skyping is also really helpful when you have an event or game coming up and need some “quick advice” before getting out on the course and winning!

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Golf Clinic I

Golf Clinic I is especially tailored for the golfer who is just beginning.

Beginning level golfers can enjoy an exciting learning experience targeting the fundamentals of golf with other players. You’ll start with learning all about the full swing, move on to chipping in the short game, pitching and putting. Have you always wanted to know the intricacies of the game, such as proper etiquette and relevant rules? The Munroe Golf Clinics provide all this and more!

The group setting is small to gain knowledge of the golf fundamentals. The main objective is for you to learn the skills to have an exceptionally enjoyable experience on the course and improve your golf performance.

Clinics are one hour per week for four successive weeks and consist of:

– Four students per clinic
– Short game and long game
– Using a putter, driver, wedges and 6 iron
– Take home clarification notes
– Cost is $199.00

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Golf Clinic II

Golf Clinic II is the subsequent step from Golf Clinic I or for anyone who has had previous golf knowledge. In this clinic you continue learning and improving the fundamental golf skills already developed.

Clinics are one hour per week for four successive weeks and consist of:

– Four students per clinic
– Using a hybrid club, fairway wood and pitching wedge
– Take home clarification notes
– Cost is $199.00

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Corporate Events

Golf is one of the highest ranking sports in developing and improving business relationships. Potential clients, employees or business peers can benefit from a well organized golf outing. As a token of appreciation or as a business development plan, participants benefit from an event tailored to your business’ needs. Whether your event is large or small, one hour or all day, Scott Munroe will arrange an exciting, unforgettable and enlightening experience!

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