In Memory of Our Dear Friend Jim Flick

In Memory of Our Dear Friend Jim Flick

How to Feel the Club Head: This is the biggest thing I learned from Jim Flick. After spending months with Jim Flick, I moved to Australia and opened the Jack Nicklaus Golf Schools (We couldn’t use Flick’s name over there). The first thing I learned was how to feel the club’s head. At this point, I’d played college golf and had my tour card in Australia, and been the #1 player in the State of Indiana (where Jim and I are both from).

First, hold the club out in front of your body and ask yourself or the student how it feels. Most will answer light, the reason being because of all the tension in their arms, wrist and hands. Then have the student turn the club over and wow, the club gets light. When the student turns the club back over, they feel their club head. This is the number one thing I learned from Jim Flick. This is the foundation for tension-free feel golf swing and something everyone can use to have a more consistent swing every time.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

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