Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Summit in Orlando Florida

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Summit in Orlando Florida

I just attended the 2013 Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher summit in Orlando Florida at Grand Cypress. I have been so fortunate to have been A Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America since 2008. In fact there are 28,000 PGA golf professionals, many of these professionals are full time golf instructors, they have achieved multiple awards state and nationwide, they too were invited to attend the summit.

A special week and many thanks to Mr. David DeNunzio, Editor of Instruction and Mr. David Clarke, Managing Editor of Golf Magazine, for sponsoring the event and helping us “make the game better” (our slogan of the week). This summit was put together by two outstanding “Top 100” golf instructors, Mark Blackburn and Jon Tatersall. Together they arranged an agenda of very informative presentations by some gifted instructors, golf teachers, a golf social media expert, Top mental coaches and golf industry speakers. They all presented cutting edge information and insightful golf specific technology.

For those of you who missed the summit I have recapped the events and speakers below.

First day highlights:

The day kicked off with a welcome, greetings and introductions from DeNunzio and Clarke.

First speaker was Paul Wood, Director of Innovation at PING Golf. His presentation of the way PING uses technology to fit clubs was very informative and cutting edge. PING has always been known as one of the best custom club fitting companies since the early 1980’s. What makes them different is their attention to detail. They are the Hallmark of fitters, they fit everyone from the professional tours players to the average amateur golfer. Paul Wood, Director of Innovation, PING Golf The Golf Club: Engineering and Science

Next up was Dr. Bhrett McCabe, he had a powerful presention on the behavior change for golf. Specifically “how to perform and prepare your mind for golf”. This is the second time I have watched his presentation and I have to say AMAZING ! Last time it was at the Kiawa Island, SC for the AimPoint teacher summit. Dr. Bhrett McCabe, Performance and Sports Psychology Behavior Change for Golf

David Orr, who is one of the best up-and-coming putting experts. He currently teaches putting to several PGA professional golfers / PGA tour players, including Justin Rose. I had the privilege of getting one of the best putting lessons (I’ve ever had) last year at the same AimPoint teacher summit. David Orr, Director of Instruction, Campbell University Putting Characteristics and Tendencies

The Popular James Sieckmann presented on wedge play. James is a new “Top 100” teacher and well known short game teacher on the PGA tour. His technique is very simple to learn, effective and I utilize many of his methods in my lessons. What makes this different than everyone else is the way he uses the body and the hands which promotes a natural motion. The results is a choke free method that anyone can learn.

Then there was Social Media GURU Georgina Lewis. This is the second time that I have heard Georgina speak. While she is my personal social media and website design expert, I was blown away with all the changes going on in the internet. The golf specific social media tips she gave us this year at the summit were mind boggling. I think she crammed three hours of info in fourty-five minutes. I found out how important LinkedIn is to my business and presence on the internet. It’s all about branding and Google+.

My good friend James Leitz presented the D-plane, the hottest technique on how to help analyze ball flight laws. James is also an expert on trackman and an entertaining speaker. This is the fourth time I have seen James speak and each time he gives us something new. He is an international speaker who brings an ‘easy to learn solutions’ based on science to the game of golf. James Leitz, Director of Instruction, Pinewood C.C. Living the D-Plane.

Phil Cheetham gave us new insights to 3D technology comparing different body types on the professional tour. The 3D technology is a great visual measuring tool and sure to be the teaching aid of the future. Phil Cheetham, Advanced Motion Measurement 3D In Depth: What the Good Guys Do.

Chris Como followed up on his session about ground forces. He talked about how the ground works with the feet to leverage power in the golf swing. It was very entertaining to watch him jump from the high platform into the pool while making a golf swing in midair. Chris Como, Gleneagles C.C. Ground Reaction Forces.

Joe Hallet closed the day on coaching LPGA players. While I can’t give away LPGA player Stacey Lewis’ strategies (as we were sworn to secrecy) I can tell you that when you get the right coach together with the right player ‘magic happens’. Joe Hallett, Vanderbilt Legends Club Coaching LPGA Players.

Second day highlights:

The second day started with Mark Broadie who had a GREAT session about tour stats. He proved from his statistical studies on Tiger Woods that ball striking is more important than putting for long term success. I really think his stats are going to change the future of golf instruction. It will break the myth that putting is the most important thing in golf and I look forward to reading his new book. Mark Broadie, Columbia University PGA Tour Data Trends.

Lance Gill and Jason Glass helped us understand how people who work out can get longer and more club head speed (a.k.a. more distance). It was a very informative presentation on fitness. Lance Gill, Director of Performance and TPI Jason Gass, Tour Performance LabRotary Power.

Justin Padjen showed us how Trackman is leading the industry in the launch monitor technology. They have the best program, technology and software on the market today. Its is changing the way we teach through feedback and science, a must have technology. Justin Padjen with Trackman / Trackman Data Explained

Gio Valiante author of “Fearless Golf” and his new book “Golf Flow” presented how tour players ‘get into the zone’ which he calls ‘golf flow’. He is one of the top mental coaches in the industry and a golf channel analyst. He was very down to earth and easy to understand. All teachers and golfers alike would benefit from reading his books.

Featured Ladies Panelist Kellie Stenzel, Nancy Quarcelino, Carol Preisinger and Krista Dunton had a great presentation on women in golf.

In the afternoon session we headed to the golf course. It was educational to see ‘hands on instruction’ by some of these great teachers: Jason Carbon, John Graham, Brian Manzella, Joe Mayo, Scott Munroe, Adam Schriber, Kellie Stenzel, Kevin Weeks.

This is probably the best golf summit I have ever attended. The speakers had cutting edge information, it was very organization and the venue was exceptional. If you have not stayed at Grand Cypress the place is top notch. I feel very fortunate and grateful to learn from the best of the best in golf.


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